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Circular Walk, Lazy Trout, Meerbrook, Peak District, sheldontours, The Roaches, walking

Meerbrook Circular Walk (08th Nov 2020)

DiscoDeb and I went out mapping some of the walk for Duke of Edinburgh group she was guiding this coming week. We did half of it (due to time). Today was Remembrance Sunday and itContinue reading

Abbey Inn, Boobersworth, Circular Walk, Gunn, Lazy Trout, Meerbrook, Nine Pins, sheldontours, Snow, Tittersworth Reservoir, walking

Gunn Meerbrook Circular Walk (1st Feb 2019)

It’s SNOWING!!! Yes, I do have a huge fondness for snow, it brings out the child in me and I have to make the most of it whenever I can (booking snow days off workContinue reading