Denstone to Alton Circular Walk 25/04/21

A fantastic way to kill two hours with this six (6) miler walk that takes you from Denstone through Alton (round the back of Alton Towers and back to where you started.

We parked up at the village hall in Denstone off College road. We proceeded down the road and left onto the ‘Churnet Valley Cycleway’. Approximately 1km (just under) look for a path off to the left which takes you over a bridge.

From here you need to follow the Staffordshire Country Way public footpath signage. You will head out into fields and along bridal ways. There are 2 or 3 stiles and electric fences, before you hit a gate and a stone footpath.

Along this path keep an eye out to your right for the hidden rusty old dilapidated vehicles which include an ‘Italian Job’ mini.

You will take a right further along which takes you into a field which hold horses (one of which is a beautiful little friendly pony). Stiles separate these fields.

Heading out of here you head out onto a road and into the picturesque village of Alton. You can meander through to look at Alton Castle, before heading back along the road and to your left into the open fields again.

Looking over to your left you will catch sight of some floodlights on the top of the hill, and you will also hear the faint roar of the various rides and faint screams of the attendees at the world famous Alton Towers Resort. Keep to the left and head down through a stile which is located half way along the second field. This will take you down to the Churnet Valley Cycleway which you will cross straight over and then over a bridge (over the Churnet River) and into the back of Alton Towers (Gate 17).

Head right up the road and admire the bluebell woods either side and various rock outcrops. At the top you will see the Alton Towers lodges and you will see a rough footpath down to your right which you need to take. This brings you down into a valley and eventually down to the old stone bridge near to the pump house.

Head left and follow the road and keep to the left. It is the lambing season at this time and there are hundreds of the cute little blighters, so if you have a dog, please keep it on a lead. You will eventually hit the main road where you need to take a right, over a bridge and straight over the roundabout. The Denstone Farm shop will be on your left and the old ‘All Saints’ church on your right. College Road is just past here on your right from whence you started.

We really enjoyed this walk, it’s not too taxing but you can get quite a pace on. There is also a public house ‘The Tavern’ right opposite the village hall, so could be worth booking a table before you head out.

Here is some stats for you. Enjoy

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