Gunn Meerbrook Circular Walk (1st Feb 2019)


Yes, I do have a huge fondness for snow, it brings out the child in me and I have to make the most of it whenever I can (booking snow days off work to go sledging etc).

DiscoDeb and I parked up at Supersport (Our family business which prints anything from banners, flags, to our full range of sportswear, so get in touch) on the A523 and started the trek towards Macclesfield along the road.

We arrived at the left turning for Rudyard and proceeded right over a stile and onto the public footpath, which meandered uphill through three gates and a tunnel of trees. It was snowing quite heavily now and the winter scene was very picturesque. We were the only people out in this glorious weather. The snow had drifted up against the stone wall and was up to our knees in places. We left the copse of trees and trudged further up the field. The view was a brilliant white all around, and looking back we could see Leek down below and it looked like a scene from a Christmas card.

We had a choice of turning right along a field to cut out a corner, but because of the heavy going, we decided to carry on straight up until we met the road that would take us up into Gunn or down into Meerbrook. We had already planned to venture down the road, as a pint of Doombar was definitely in order at the Lazy Trout

We stayed here for a good forty or so minutes, so remember to knock that off the time when you see the statistics 😉

Leaving the pub we walked slightly back up the hill and took a left along the road towards Tittersworth. We passed the entrance and took the later left at the farm and headed down and up to ‘Nine-Pins’ (A wooded copse of trees on the hill). From Nine-Pins the well worn track makes its way down to the Abbey Inn and back along the road to Supersport.

A very good 10.3 mile walk that takes (without stopping half way for a pint) about three hours and forty minutes. You will need a good waterproof boot for the first part of the walk. I would rate this walk as medium.

Enjoy the Route, stats, and photos.

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