Meerbrook Circular Walk (08th Nov 2020)

DiscoDeb and I went out mapping some of the walk for Duke of Edinburgh group she was guiding this coming week. We did half of it (due to time). Today was Remembrance Sunday and it was a grey cloudy affair. We were promised rain most of the day but we managed to totally miss it….which was nice.

We drove down to Meerbrook and parked up opposite the church.

We proceeded towards the Lazy Trout and took a left to the first farm at lower Lee, where we took a right and followed the public footpath towards the Roaches. It is a steady climb through fields and farms (don’t forget to keep checking behind you to take in the view). The Roaches from here look quite different and are in the shape of a wave with the various rock outcrops.

Reaching the top of the climb through a farm we proceeded left and down into a ‘secret’ valley, where we found a tree house (check the photos). A great 8km walk that takes just over a couple of hours, and one we hope to do again with better weather.

I would class this route as low-to-medium. At this time of year you will need a good waterproof boot as it is very sodden along the way.

Here is the route and some photos to help you along the way.

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