Swythamley (19th February 2018)

A very cold and wet morning, we decided to once again start from Roach End and do an ‘approx’ six mile circuit walk, following the River Dane to Danebridge and Swythamley before making our way back to Roach End.

It was very misty and damp, but we thought hey, let’s get it done. We called at Millets on the way, to purchase some waterproof trousers each, and whilst we were there, a new Berghaus Men’s Ghlas Softshell top also caught our eye.

We parked up at Roach End and donned our new gear, and were glad we had made the decision to upgrade our waterproof bottoms.

We set off and the going was very muddy. The mist added an extra layer to the adventure and reminded me of the Basil Rathbone version of ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles’. I would rate the walk as medium in the fitness stakes. It has some excellent scenery and is a great way to spend three hours. Here is the route and some statistics.

At the end of the walk, we both went back to Millets and I upgraded my Peter Storm walking shoes to some Berghaus Gortex shoes as the ones I was wearing were absolutely soaked through. To be fair they are more of a lightweight, dry weather, walking shoe. Here are the new ones, which are comfy and kept me dry on the next walk.

Berghaus Gortex Walking Shoe
Berghaus Gortex Walking Shoe

And here are the photos to give you an idea of the route.

We set off following the signs for Symthamley via the Ridge hoping that it wouldn’t be as wet…

This outcrop of rock reminded us ‘The Winking Man’

From here we just followed the sign to Swythamley

This path is very good and we followed it down.

Follow the path to ‘Swythamley Danebridge’

You work your way down and end up at this three way junction. Carry on to the right.

A couple of stiles later and you enter a large field with a rock in the centre. I am not sure if it has a name but it definitely need one. It’s a great landmark.

There isn’t really a path here, but just head straight on and you will see another stile down to your right heading down into the woods.

We had a break here and had some of the home made vegetable soup I had prepared along with a hard boiled egg.


From here it is a steady ascent and it was very muddy. My feet were sodden.

The path carries on past these two ‘gate-less’ gateposts.

Carry on up the road and veer off left along the path.

The path heads down over this stile and to a ravine which you walk around the top.

The path leads past a farmhouse

Head on past the farmhouse and follow the hedge/tree line

Hitting another stile and we started another steady descent down to the River Dane

An epic rockfall from the side of the River Dane.

The path is quite hilly next to the River Dane

At this sign, we start the climb away from the River Dane and head back towards the Roaches.

Looking down to the River Dane

This part is always a grueller and is quite steep, and does seem never-ending

Pigs belonging to Roach End Farm

And that’s the finish.. right where we started. A very good walk and you will know you’ve done it at the end.


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