Hurdlow through Flagg – Circular Walk (30th December 2018)

After the excesses of the Christmas break, a walk was very much in need, followed of course with more excesses in the form of excellent pub grub and a couple of pints.

We were to meet up with our very good friends (Howes family) at 13:00 at the Royal Oak – Hurdlow. The weather couldn’t seem to make its mind up on the way there and we hit a few ‘drizzly’ spots. We were ten minutes early, so sat in the car, deciding not to venture into the pub, instead, DiscoDeb sorted out the map, compass and rucksack.

Deb had decided we were to head toward Buxton and make our way back to the Royal Oak via a ‘shorter’ circular route. Shorter was 5.3 miles, and the longer version was 8.0 miles. The former route was selected as we had a table booked at the pub at 16:00.

We set off over the road and made our way down to the Tissington car park and from there we turned left and proceeded along the trail, which is very well kept and is a joy for cyclists (we have cycled along here on numerous occasions). The trail is straight and flat and while it doesn’t offer much in scenery as it forges through the landscape, it makes up for, in the ease of the walk.

We approached the first junction and took a right which again was very straight and brought us to the A515. This jaunt along the road was very short-lived as we crossed over to ‘Upper Blindlow Lane’ and followed that down to a crossroads where we veered rightdown ‘Nether Blindlow Lane’ (keep an eye on your children here as this road can be quite busy). This road joins ‘Highstone Lane’. Look out for the public footpath sign to the left as that is where you are needing to go. This path takes you diagonally across a field and is well signposted. Please stick to the path as this is private land which leads down to a farm.

Venture through the stile at the farm and head right along ‘Pasture Lane’. This is quite a walk and will bring you to a four way crossroads (go straight over) which will eventually bring you back to the A515. At this point, you need to cross straight over and follow the public footpath across the field. You will see the Royal Oak in the distance and know that sustenance will soon be with you, haha. You will meet up back at the Tissington Trail where you will take a left and back up to the pub.

A very easy walk but perfect after the christmas indulgence. The food was excellent as always and washed down with a couple of pints of Doombar.

A cracking day out 🙂

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